About us

Given the opportunity to be interviewed by China’s broadcast channel CCTV 4 in 2016, we are pleased to share some durian knowledge with the world.

Apart from that, we discussed further regarding our Malaysian durian culture and experience with the TV show named “Homeland Dreamland” or《远方的家》. regarding our durian culture and knowledge.

CCTV4 央视《中国新闻》

Homeland Dreamland《远方的家》

Our history

About US

Why name TIMEZ? TIMEZ is originated from the word “time”, which relates to “moment, seasonal and period”. Durian is a seasonal fruit which is usually available only from May to August in Balik Pulau, Penang. Durian lovers from all around the world will travel to Balik Pulau for the durians during this period.

Hence, we named the farm after the word “time” by hoping to create a nostalgic memory for customers. We aim to deliver a memorable and joyful moment for our customers together with their family and friends within this short period.

Our principle


The main principle that we always insisted is to use organic fertilisers. Although chemical fertiliser increases the productivity of durians and our profitability, it will cause severe soil degradation in the long term. Most importantly, it affects the nutrition quality of fruits and human health.

Thus, we can assure that we continuously deliver fruits and vegetables that are harmless to the human health by prioritizing this principle.​

Our Mission

What to expect from us?

Our team is preparing to expand further in food and beverage industry by promoting durian-based products. We are grateful to have the support from different industry players to bring us one step closer towards our goals.

Due to climate changes that is affecting the weather and rainfall, it is essential for us to adapt ourselves by diversifying our crops. To withstand the pressure from climate change, we are working hard on sustainable farming by carrying out aquaponics, crop rotation and integrating crops with livestock to save our ecology.